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Girardi's end of season strategy: it worked!

Here's some of the Q&A from Joe Girardi's postgame session:

Q. There were some things said towards the end of the year about supposed mixed messages you were sending or ambivalence towards the title and as you sit here after sweeping the first round, what do you think about the whole thing?
JOE GIRARDI: Well, I think there was a misunderstanding about some of the things that were said, that we weren't going to hurt our guys and play our guys hurt during the course of the last month. Some of our guys couldn't play, and I think people took that as we weren't trying. Believe me, we were trying. We were trying to win our division. I mean, we wanted home field advantage. We love playing here. There's something about playing in this ballpark. And I think people misunderstood that. Swish couldn't play for a week. I asked him every day, Swish can you play today? Swish got tired of me asking. Gardy needed a shot. I think there was a misunderstanding. We handled a guy's innings limit. Andy Pettitte was hurt. There was just things that we had to handle.
And the month of September wasn't necessarily a lot of fun for us. But we persevered. Here we are going to the next round.

Q. Is it fair to say also that you might have preferred -- I don't know what you want to say about one team versus the other -- obviously both excellent teams Texas and Minnesota. But Texas, the perception is with Cliff Lee in a five-game series makes them a tougher team. What are your thoughts on that? That's what a lot of people were figuring was part of the at least a little part of the equation.
JOE GIRARDI: People are going to have their own opinions about what we were doing. I live in the clubhouse and I know what we were trying to do. We were trying to get home field advantage and it didn't work out. I see the guys and I get the medical reports. I know the guys that are banged up. Those are the things I have to deal with. We do the best we can.
But in answering that, we had superstars, older superstars that played 13 days in a row down the stretch. And if you didn't think we were trying to win, I think there was a misunderstanding.

Q. Does not knowing who you're going to play next make your preparation more difficult or is it actually easier because you can sit down and watch them both?
JOE GIRARDI: You get to sit down and watch. We know that we'll know -- what is today? Saturday? It's Sunday now. We know we'll at least know by Tuesday night. I mean, you definitely know that. And you don't play 'til Friday. We've seen one team a whole lot. And we've seen the other team twice in the last two months.
As far as making our preparation tougher, it won't.


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