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Good Morning

Girardi's post-game conference

Things got heated tonight when Bonderman began the game by plunking Brett Gardner and home plate umpire Eric Cooper made warnings to both benches. 

Chad Guadin hit Miguel Cabrera on the first pitch in the eighth inning, which ignited manager Jim Leyland. Hitting Cabrera was particularly suspect because Cabrera launched two homers beforehand. 

Gaudin also loaded the bases without recording an out, forcing Girardi to bring Robertson and Rivera in the game, which upset him. 

Leyland was later ejected by Cooper after the top of the eighth.

"We got some runs early off of Bonderman," manager Joe Girardi said after the game, "and I just think it got ugly. I can't speak for Jeremy Bonderman, but I point blank asked Chad, 'Did you do this on purpose?' And he said, 'No.'

"And I feel bad that it got to that because on a night that I don't want to use Robertson or Mo, I've got to get them both in the game. To think that we [hit Cabrera] on purpose, I mean, there going to have their thoughts. I understand that. It looks bad. Miguel Cabrera had hit two homers, it looks bad, I understand that. You know how I use my bullpen, this is not a night that I wanted to use Robertson or Mo, but Chad didn't have it tonight."

Moseley got the win tonight after going a satisfactory five innings.

"He's giving us a chance to win ballgames," Girardi said. "I think he wanted to go back out there, but I just thought it was time to go back to our bullpen at that point. He left a breaking ball up to [Dan] Kelly and that hurt him tonight. But Cabrera, he's had a great season and he's continuing to have one."

Joba Chamberlain relieved Moseley first, followed by Boone Logan, Kerry Wood, Gaudin, Robertson and Rivera. Girardi was asked about the order of his bullpen and he said that there are no fixed roles leading up to Mo. 

"It's a combination of whatever matchup is favored, who needs a day off. I've been kind of mixing and matching with [the relief pitchers] and they've done a good job ... They did a good job. They came in some jams and they shut the door."

Lastly, Girardi said Alex Rodriguez's injured calf did not bother him as he took some practice in the batting cage, but that Rodriguez did not test the calf by running.

"He hit in the cage today and he felt great swinging. Now that's not running. So I'll see where he's at tomorrow. He felt better today, but he didn't run and obviously that's a concern when you have a calf problem."

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