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Girardi "shocked" he was tossed from game

After a close call on a ground out to short by Mark Teixeira in the sixth inning, Joe Girardi came out to the field fuming, with first base umpire Paul Emmel in his sights.

Girardi argued for close to three minutes, getting tossed within the first 30 seconds.

Girardi cursed and got right in the faces of Emmel and home plate umpire Bruce Dreckman. After returning to the dugout, Girardi gathered some hitting charts, removed a wad of gum from his mouth and threw it on to the field in disgust.

"I was shocked when I was tossed," Girardi said in his post-game press conference. "Then I got a little hot. And usually the crew chief comes over and I don't know if there was something because of the last run-in that we had with this crew in Toronto when I got tossed, but I don't think that I said anything [that warranted my ejection].

"You know, I've been tossed nine times as a Yankee and I'll be the first one to tell you eight of them, I deserved it. Tonight I don't think I deserved it."

On Hughes' poor start: "We have to manage his innings and you have to look at it long-term. Maybe do something a little bit different in between starts if you have to do it again. The bottom line is he has a limitation and we have to respect that ... You watch pitchers and you look to see if they're fatigued and I don't think he's fatigued because he still has good velocity. But he has not been as sharp." 


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