TORONTO - Red Sox Week officially kicked off here last night even though the Blue Jays series hadn't started.

Before facing Roy Halladay, part of Joe Girardi's pregame news conference addressed a record that's been seared into every fans' head since June 11 when his team was swept out of Fenway Park.


"We have two important games here - games within our division facing Roy Halladay tonight and a young man [Mark Rzepczynski] we haven't seen tomorrow," Girardi said. "You have to take care of these two games before you worry about anything else."

The Yankees entered last night's game a half-game ahead of the Red Sox. Girardi, like anyone else, has thoughts of the cushion that might exist if the Yankees had even played .500 ball against their rival.

"We're not happy with the way we've played against Boston and we feel we probably could have won half of those games," Girardi said. "You switch that around and it's a totally different record, but for whatever reason we lost those games. But I don't get too caught up in that."

Girardi also knows even as the Yankees passed the Red Sox, some are not convinced. "I think it's a fair criticism," Girardi said. "I don't think it's unfair, but I live with the guys in the room and I have good feelings about our guys and we like where we're at now. Obviously, you'd love to have more distance but you keep plugging along."

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Mitre fixes flaw

Sergio Mitre said he and pitching coach Dave Eiland diagnosed a mechanical problem from Friday's start against Chicago that was "an easy fix." Mitre said he wasn't "staying back" on his delivery, causing his sinker to "flatten out."