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Guillen: "This country can't survive without all the Latinos..."

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen didn't mince words about Arizona's new immigration before Friday's 6-4 loss to the Yankees.

"The only thing that concerns me about this problem, they take people out of their jobs," he said, referring to the new law which requires state and local police to demand proof of immigration status if it suspects someone is in the country illegally. "People are working, all of a sudden they come and take them out – all those people who come here as immigrants is to work.’’

“Those guys are workaholics,’’ added Guillen who is a dual citizen of the U.S. and his native Venezuela. “This country can’t survive without all the Latinos. They can’t survive. Sorry. Because there’s a lot of people from this country, they’re very lazy. We’re not. A lot of people, they just want to be on the computer and send emails to people. We do the hard work. We’re the ones got to go out there and work in the sun all day long, to make this country better.’’ 

The Major League Baseball Players Association spoke out against the law on Friday, issuing a statement by the union’s executive director Michael Weiner.

"We hope that the law is repealed or modified promptly," read the statement. "If the current law goes into effect, the MLBPA will consider additional steps necessary to protect the rights and interests of our members.”

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