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Herrmann makes name for himself

Frank Herrmann -- Yankees fan, Rutherford, N.J. native, Harvard graduate -- made something of a name for himself in the eighth inning Wednesday night when he got Alex Rodribuez to pop out to short right at the end of a 10-pitch at bat.

"Was it 10? It felt like 20," said the Indians rookie pitcher, a midseason callup, who was throwing 97 miles per hour through most of the at-bat. "I might have been amped up a little bit. It was intense. It was a great moment. I could hear the fans going `Let’s go A-Rod' and our fans booing on top of them."

He could have been a name in the record books as the one who allowed the 600th home run in A-Rod's career but never stopped challenging the slugger.

“Eventually it’s going to happen. He’s one of the best hitters ever .so it’s going to happen to somebody. You’re going to join a list with other great pitchers on there. So there’s no shame in it, but this particular night I just didn’t want it to be me.

"I got tons of text messages. All my buddies were watching the YES Network at home. They were saying `Good thing you didn’t walk him.’ They wouldn’t have let me go home if I walked him. I was probably better off giving up a home run than walking him, and I knew that out there," he said.

He grew up three minutes from Giants Stadium and is looking forward to visiting the new building. "I'm a humungous NFL fan," he said, adding that he loves the Giants. But on this night, his name stood out on the ballfield, even though his team lost 8-0. It was pointed out to him that a New York reporter has the same surname, spelled with two r's and two n's, he was intrigued. He asked, "Do you get a lot of mess-ups?' " The answer was yes, of course, there are misspellings all the time on "Herrmann"     The pitcher added, "When I got called up, the first thing I did was look at the uniform to make sure they had the name right on it."

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