Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Highlights of Girardi news conference

There weren't many. Even though Girardi took questions for more than 15 minutes, there's not much interesting going on at Yankee Stadium. When we know who the Yankees will play in the ALCS, then things will really get cooking.

Why no three-man rotation for ALCS?

"My concern about going with a three-man rotation is your asking them to do it a lot. Last years CC did it once in the ALCS and then each guy did it once in the World Series. You’re asking them to do it a lot. Hughsie’s never done it, Andy’s coming off an injury so there’s some concerns there. If you go Game 7 you’re asking CC to do it twice in one series so that’s a concern for us."

If ahead or behind in series, adjust and not start AJ?

"I can’t tell you what we’re going to do situationally because we’re not in the situation and that’s kind of a hypothetical situation. We’ll meet tomorrow to determine exactly what we’re going to do.

"The one thing that we’ve seen from A.J. is we’ve seen him pitch extremely well in the playoffs, we have. Last year look what he did, he threw the ball well. He had the one start in philly wasn’t so great. I do have confidence in A.J.

"You like being able to set up your rotation for any series, whether it’s the first series, the second series or the third series. Sometimes you’re afforded that luxury, sometimes you’re not. If you’re playing to get in, right in to the last day, sometimes you’re not afforded that luxury. But we were fortunate we could set it up the way we wanted the first two rounds.

On Game 2/3: "We’ll still discuss that. We haven’t got that far. I want to sit down tomorrow when we meet upstairs and see who we play to finalize that."

On 8/9 days off for starters: "You get a little concerned about it but there’s nothing we can do about it, that’s just the way the series have ended up. If someone had said would you prefer that your starters are on rotation and you had to play five games or that you know they’re rested, I kind of like the rest this time of year because I think the guys can use it. Andy was on some extra rest he threw the ball pretty good, Hughsie was extra rest I thought he threw pretty good, CC I thought he threw the ball pretty well. It’s a little bit of a concern but I would rather be able to set up your rotation.

On concern about rust for everyone: "A little bit. You get somewhat concerned that maybe it’s too much of a layoff. Our guys have had to deal with it before, the guys that have been in this room. Last year we had a long layoff between ALCS. You do get a little bit concerned but this is the time of year they probably could use the extra rest."

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