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How hard is it to hit homers at Target Field?

New York Yankees' Nick Swisher watches his ninth-inning

New York Yankees' Nick Swisher watches his ninth-inning home run against Minnesota Twins pitcher Jon Rauch to give the Yankees at 3-2 win. (May 26, 2010) Credit: AP

Like Citi Field last season (and this year, too), Twins players have been chirping about how hard it is to hit home runs in their brand new Target Field. The field's dimensions are as follows: 339 feet down the left-field line, 377 feet to left-center, 404 to straightaway center, 367 to right-center (with an overhanging porch above the fence), and 328 down the right-field line.

Thus far, the Twins have hit just 10 homers in their new park, and that includes five from Michael Cuddyer. Their opponents have hit 21, including solo shots by Derek Jeter and Nick Swisher (pictured) yesterday, for a total of 31 homers in the first 23 games (the Twins are 14-9 at home).

But even the Yankees think it's tough to go yard. Said Joe Girardi to Mike Francesa this afternoon: "This park plays big, that's for sure."

So how does the opening of Target Field compare with the new Yankee Stadium and Citi Field from last year?

Well, the new Yankee Stadium needed just nine games to hit the 31-homer mark last year (17 by the Yankees, 14 for opponents). There were no homer-less games in those nine.

At the other side of the spectrum is Citi Field, where it took 27 games to get to 31 (14 for the Mets, 17 for their opponents, including one by Pirates pitcher Paul Maholm). There were five homer-less games in that stretch.

So while Target Field appears tough to go yard, it still isn't as difficult as Citi Field. 

**Quick stat: The Yankees have swept two three-game series this season. They have failed to complete the sweep after winning the first two games three other times this season.

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