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Hughes "happy" with decision

Phil Hughes, as you'd imagine, was pleased how the fifth starter battle turned out.

"It’s what I set out to do this spring was to win that job," Hughes said after his morning workout here at George M. Steinbrenner Field. "I felt like I did everything that they asked me to do and they felt like I was the right guy for the spot. So I’m happy about it and I’m ready for the challenge."

Anthony Rieber is with the team in Sarasota and filed a story from there, with Joe Girardi making the announcement, which had been expected, this morning. 

Hughes said he didn't come to camp that it was his job to lose.  

"No, I felt like everyone was given an equal opportunity," "Hughes said. "I talked to [pitching coach] Dave Eiland a couple times this winter and he said, it’s going to be a fight and we want you to come in ready and show us that you deserve it. I don’t think there was one guy that it was his to lose. I think everyone came in with an equal an fair chance and it was just a matter of who they felt was most ready for that role."

Joba Chamberlain, as he left George M. Steinbrenner Field after working out, didn't have much to say. 

"You go with the flow," he said. "That’s what I’ve done."

Hughes said he talked just for a bit with Chamberlain after the decision had been made official.

"He just said congrats and that was about it," Hughes said. "We’re all teammates at the end of the day and I think we all trust in the front office and the coaching staff to make the right decisions and we just get paid to go out and throw the ball and there was no bitterness or anything like that. We’re all pulling for the same goal and that’s to do what we did last year. The roles might be switched and there might be some different guys on the team but we’re all pulling for each other."

Hughes also isn't concerned about having to deal with an innings limit, though it's expected to be set around 170.

 "I asked briefly about an innings cap and they said it will be something they look at but don’t foresee it being a huge issue like in years past that you’ve seen," Hughes said. "I pitched 150 innings not including the playoffs a few years ago. I don’t think anyone’s got the exact formula for how keep guy healthy. Some guys can go out there and the first ball they throw in their life they can blow their arm out so it’s just sometimes they try to figure out exactly what’s going to work and I’m not really worried about it at this point. I guess once we get down that road we’ll deal with it."


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