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Hughes: I think I gained a percent today

Phil Hughes was kidding of course, making the comment to some reporters after discussing his bullpen session that took place at the same time as Joba Chamberlain's. 

Both threw 30 pitches, all of them fastballs and changeups. Joe Girardi told each pitcher that the competition wouldn't be won or lost on the first day -- or second, third or fourth for that matter -- but the competitive juices can be hard to manage.

"He was a competitor himself so I’m sure if somebody told him that he’d probably let it go in one ear and out the othe," Chamberlain said with a smile of Girardi. "We have a long time to go but you can’t take a day off. You’re not going to win the job today but what you do today is going to prepare you for the rest of the year."

Said Hughes: "It probably is human nature but you can fight it as much as possible. I think, and he told us, it’s the games we’re really watching. This is all to get you prepared for that. I don’t think any jobs are going to be awarded on your bullpens or your BPs. It’s going to be how you get guys out."

"You don’t get a whole lot because they’re not turning it up," Girardi said. "But the ball was coming out of their hand well and that’s encouraging. They both were throwing fastball/changeup -- that’s all we’re asking them to do the first time out. The competition really starts later."

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