Analyst Steve Phillips predicted the Oakland A's would finish last in the America League West. The A's are solidly in second, based largely on their pitching. Would you trade the Yankees' starting staff for the A's, straight up? 

The matchups this week:

Tonight: Trevor Cahill (14-5, 2.43) vs. Dustin Moseley (4-2, 4.53). You don't know much about  Cahill, but you will after tonight.  Moseley needs plenty of hitting support.  Advantage A's.

Tuesday: Vin Mazzaro (6-6, 3.61) vs. Phil Hughes (15-6, 4.12). Hughes needs a  good outing. No excuses.  Advantage Yanks.

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Wednesday: Brett Anderson (3-5, 3.32) vs. A.J. Burnett (9-12, 5.17):  Good A.J. performance would be getting to fifth inning with a lead. Advantage (slight) Yanks.

Thursday: Dallas Braden (9-9, 3.28) vs. CC Sabathia (18-5, 3.14): Mr. Perfect Braden has surged after returning from disabled list, but Sabathia does not lose at Yankee Stadium. Advantage Yanks.