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Overcast 31° Good Afternoon

Injured Yankees a go for Sunday

Nick Johnson should be able to play tomorrow, Joe Girardi said, and the manager said Francisco Cervelli, Damaso Marte and Alfredo Aceves would be headed to Boston as well. With Marcus Thames being informed he had made the team, the roster is set.

Posada said, "it's fine, it's good" of the stiff neck that kept him out the last two games -- he's starting today -- and Cervelli said if today was a regular season game he would play.

"Regular season, of course [I'd play]," he said. "Right now it's better to rest because it's going to be a long season."

Marte threw this morning and didn't feel any of the soreness he did yesterday during long toss.

"Today I feel much better than yesterday," Marte said.

Thames, who at one point this spring was hitting .094, was thrilled to have made the team he made his major league debut with in 2002.

"I was beating myself up a little bit trying to do a little bit too much," Thames said this morning. "I've always wanted to come back here and play and I was trying to do too much and it wasn't working for me. So I finally started relaxing a little bit and started coming around." 

Thames said things started to turn around when on March 27, he hit his first homer of the spring. Going into that game in Lakeland against the Tigers, Thames was hitting .094.  

"The day I hit that home run, that felt good," Thames said. "I hadn't put a charge into one all spring. I finally got that feel back because I hadn't hit one in a while." 

Telling Logan, who had a 1.74 ERA in 10 games this spring, he was getting optioned was a tough discussion for Girardi.

"Extremely hard,” Girardi said. “He did everything right. He pitched really, really well.”

Right now, the Yankees lead 3-0 over their Future Stars in the top of the third inning, the game already nearly an hour old which will make almost no one with the big club happy. All things being equal the preference of the players would to have followed CC Sabathia out the door late this morning. The lefty worked out in the morning and is flying north this afternoon.

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