I would have laughed at that question a year ago. You would have, too.

I remember covering the game last year when Posada and Molina both got hurt, and I immediately checked Cervelli's stats at Double-A. They weren't good, so of course I thought if he's not hitting there why would he hit here?

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As John Sterling always says, you can't predict baseball.

Erik's Insider today focused on Cervelli's offense. I encourage you to give it a read. Chances are Yankees fans would rather check that out than be reminded of CC Sabathia's struggles in the Yankees' 6-0 loss yesterday to the Tigers, which was their loss third in four games there. (Not to mention fourth loss in their last five games. But who's counting, right?) Erik also updated Nick Swisher's status and referred to Sergio Mitre as the Yankees' likely starter for Sunday in this notebook.