54° Good Afternoon
54° Good Afternoon

It happened a week ago...


     One week ago tonight, the Yankees were down 5-1, later than this. So if anyone can come back from this deficit, this is the team. Neftali Feliz really has not been tested in an ultimate pressure cooker.

       Having said that (and you know what always follows the phrase "Having said that..."), the world is much different than it was last Friday night. The Yankees looked invulnerable then. There were those, this blogger included, who believed that the Rangers would fold the way the Twins had. The Rangers have done anything but. They bounced back the next day and have been resilient numerous times since then. They have much more confidence than they had a week ago.

       Bottom line, it would be a shock if the Yankees DON'T make a game of this. But it's not quite as good a bet that they will come all the way back.


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