With Mark Teixeira out of the lineup for at least the next two weeks, get used to seeing Jacoby Ellsbury hitting third.

"We liked what we saw [Sunday]," Joe Girardi said Monday.

Brett Gardner led off in Sunday's 6-4 win at Toronto and was 1-for-4 with a two-run homer and a walk. Hitting second, Derek Jeter was 2-for-5, followed by Ellsbury, predominantly a leadoff hitter his entire career, who was 1-for-5 with an RBI.

"We like Gardy at the top of the order as well," Girardi said. "It just gives us some options, and without Tex in the lineup, we've changed it a little bit."

Ellsbury, batting third, was 2-for-4 with an RBI Monday and is hitting .360.

"I feel fine," he said about his new spot in the order. "I'm not really going to change anything, just go about my at-bats the same way. You can't change the type of hitter that you are where you hit in the lineup."

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Girardi said his intent is always to have a consistent lineup, but injuries can derail that.

"We thought we knew what our lineup was, but when Tex went down, it changed a little bit," he said. "If Tex wouldn't have gotten hurt, we probably would have run out pretty much the same lineup every day. With him getting hurt, we had to change things a little bit."

Grade 1 strain for Tex

After leaving Friday's game, Teixeira figured he strained his right hamstring, and an MRI Monday morning confirmed it.

"Hopefully the two weeks will be plenty of time," said Teixeira, diagnosed with a Grade 1 strain. "I knew it wasn't anything major when I first did it. I could walk, I could put some pressure on it, but I knew there was something not right, and that's what the MRI showed."

Teixeira said he won't do any baseball activities in the next week but will start an "exercise program" Tuesday morning.


Nuñez dealt

The Yankees traded infielder Eduardo Nuñez to the Twins for Class A lefthanded reliever Miguel Sulbaran, concluding talks that began several days ago. Nuñez was designated for assignment April 1.


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Thrill for Betances

The home opener had extra meaning for Manhattan-born Dellin Betances, who was selected by the Yankees in the eighth round of the 2006 draft from Brooklyn's Grand Street Campus High School.

"Just trying to take it all in," he said in the clubhouse before going out for the pregame stretch. "It's definitely a special day. Right now it hasn't kicked in, but when I'm out there for the introductions, I'm sure it will. It's a day I'll never forget."

The 26-year-old said he had six people at the game, including his parents.