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Jean Afterman's moment

It was a memorable day in many ways, both for the Yankees and the reporters covering them, but the most memorable comment, because of the comeback it sparked, came out of the mouth of Assistant General Manager Jean Afterman.

After President Obama shook hands with the players and staff on the risers behind him, he stood in front of the Yankees for a group photo. As Joe Girardi brought the World Series trophy to hold in the photo, Afterman's voice could clearly be heard:

“Let him hold it,” she said. “He may not get a chance again.”

Everyone in the room let out an "ooooo" and then laughed. 

As that reaction died down the president, who has never hidden, and didn’t yesterday, his affinity for his hometown White Sox, didn’t skip a beat.

He broke into a wide smile, the confident smile of a man used to getting the last word.  

“And you wonder why the other teams don’t root for you,” he said as the room erupted again.  

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