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Good Morning

Jeter questionable for Sunday and Hughes looks beyond record

Joe Girardi didn't find out until Saturday morning that Derek Jeter bruised his right heel lunging for first during Friday night's game and received treament afterward.

“His heel’s sore,” Girardi said after the game. “We’ll see how he is tomorrow. I’m hoping that we can put him back in the lineup.”

Jeter, who was not available in the clubhouse before or after the game, was in the original lineup posted around 9:30 a.m. but after Girardi talked to the training staff, he made the decision to sit Jeter.

*** Phil Hughes improved to 10-1 with a 3.17 ERA but is getting tired of having to "battle" each and every start, the case his last four outings when he hasn't had his best stuff.

“It’s great to battle and to keep us in the game but you also want to go out there and have that A game and really go out and throw seven, eight shutout innings and I really haven’t done that in a while,” Hughes said. “I’ve been struggling to find that the last few times.”

But, most important, keeping his team in games.

“We expected Phil to have a good season, we expected him to go through some growing pains, though,” Mark Teixeira said. “This is his first full year starting in the rotation and we expected him to have some ups and downs. He hasn’t had them.”

And with that, I'm off tomorrow for the CC Sabathia (7-3, 4.00) vs. Johan Santana (5-3, 3.13) matchup as I'll be flying to Phoenix. But there will be plenty happening here for that game and, of course, next week from out West.

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