Good Morning
Good Morning

Jeter's first inning: lots of activity

  Derek Jeter neatly handled a double play ball in the top of the first, enabling Manny Banuelos to get out of a big jam (four singles in a row) with only one run. An aside--you can see why manager Tony Franklin diplomatically said before the game he is "not sure" Banuelos is ready for the bigs. Fact is, Banuelos isn't ready.

      Anyway, in the bottom of the first, Jeter he drew a full count walk from Kyle McPherson, a 14th-round draft pick by the Pirates (and a double black belt in tae kwon do and kung fu). Jeter went to second on a single and an error by the centerfielder. The play was a good test in that Jeter broke for second, held up when it was unclear whether the shortstop was going to catch it, then kept going to third on the error. He was stranded at third.

    In the top of the second, he bobbled a ball up the middle, but still recovered to get the force play at second. No error, of course. You can't assume a double play, even in Double A.

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