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Good Evening

Joe West, young man

Remember when umpire Joe West caused a ruckus when he called the Yankees and Red Sox "pathetic" and "embarrassing" for playing long games that sometimes take up to four hours.

Well, West was one of the umpires for this week's Yankees-Mariners games at Yankee Stadium.

Coincidence or not, the games all took under three hours. They went 2:30, 2:46 and 2:33.

Of course, it helped that all three games featured excellent pitching by the Mariners and mostly excellent pitching by the Yankees.

But one thing West probably doesn't care about: the games had none of the buzz of a Yankees-Red Sox series, or a Yankees-Mets series, or even the Yankees-Dodgers series last weekend in LA.

Pitching duels make for quicker games, and some pitching duels can be quite exciting when the stakes are high. But other pitching duels can be a little sleepy.

Depends on what you prefer.

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