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John Sterling, Michael Kay also thought Derek Jeter's double was a home run

Sportscaster John Sterling attends the Joe Torre Safe

Sportscaster John Sterling attends the Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation's 10th Anniversary Gala at Pier 60. (Jan. 24, 2013) Credit: Getty

It was a day set up for added drama at Yankee Stadium -- perhaps a bit too much so for the team's play-by-play men and even Derek Jeter himself.

When the Yankees shortstop launched a deep fly to leftfield in the fifth inning Monday, it seemed the ball was headed for the stands to punctuate the Captain's final home opener.

Not quite.

On WFAN, John Sterling offered one of his trademark too-much-too-soon calls, saying: "Swung on and drilled to deep left! It is high! It is far! It is gone!

"No! It goes off the wall and Jeter heads toward second and he is there with a double. It hit off the top of the wall and came back. So Jeter electrifies the crowd, a near home run, a double off the top of the wall and he's at second."

Later Sterling's partner, Suzyn Waldman tried to help by saying, "If this is in June, that's in the second deck."

Things unfolded similarly on the YES Network, where Michael Kay said: "That one is driven deep to leftfield! There it goes!

"Off the wall! Just missed a home run. Jeter's going for two. He will make it. It's a double. His family thought it was gone. I thought it was gone. I think he thought it was gone and it just hit near the top of the wall."

Sure enough, YES replays showed Jeter easing up, thinking it was a home run, then having to hustle into second.

Said YES analyst Ken Singleton: "Sort of had the Cadillac working. Now he's going to have to hustle. Turned into a Maserati and gets into second just ahead of the throw."

Kay noted, "How rare is it to see him break it down?"

Said Singleton: "Well, you know what? I think if you hit that ball in July when the ball carries better, it is gone."

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