Honestly, Johnny Damon said, hitting a home run in his first regular season game against his most recent team didn't feel a tad more special. 

“It feels good especially when the run can help you win the game," Damon said. "There’s no quit in that team as we all know. They’re able to come back from any deficit."

Right, but there had to be a little extra satisfaction, maybe a bit of a see-what-you're-missing element to it, especially given the recent injury problems and the guy playing left tonight, Randy Winn, failing in every big spot, right?

"No, that’s not what I’m about," Damon said. "I think my career shows people who I am and what I’m about. What I do on and off the field, I don’t need a single game for that to be dictated. It’s a game but I think my career speaks for itself."

As Joe Girardi said: "Johnny’s been a great hitter for a long time and that’s who Johnny Damon is. He’s put up big numbers and we’ve seen it on our side and we’ve seen it against us."

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And Derek Jeter: "Johnny, he likes playing in games like this. I’m sure he’s
probably feeling pretty good over on the other side. We’ve seen him do against
us on the other side. We’ve seen him do it for us. It’s really not surprising.”

All of this said, it is still far too early to draw any concrete conclusions regarding the whole Damon saga from last offseason, though nights like tonight give fans, not to mention media, plenty of ammo.

For Damon, tonight, and this series, aren't about any kind of redemption.

"I always have fire," Damon said. "Always trying to beat the other team, old teammates or whatnot. I’m just proud of our guys. Our bullpen is our glue on this team right now. We played solid baseball against a team that was ready. Even though they got in at 4 in the morning, those guys know how to get ready for a ballgame and they just about pulled this one off tonight.”

The series resumes tomorrow night with Rick Porcello (2-3, 7.50) taking on Javier Vazquez (1-3, 9.78).  Wonder how much Damon is looking forward to that matchup.