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Johnny Damon: President Trump is ‘doing a great job’

Johnny Damon during old timers day at Yankee

Johnny Damon during old timers day at Yankee Stadium on Sunday. Credit: Jim McIsaac

Johnny Damon has a friend in a high place — the President of the United States.

The former Yankees outfielder has known Donald Trump for about 10 years. He appeared on Trump’s show, “The Celebrity Apprentice,” in 2015 and at a Florida campaign stop for him not long before the election in November of 2016.

Damon also appeared at Old-Timers’ Day Sunday at Yankee Stadium and gave an endorsement of Trump’s overall body of work so far. He also took issue with the people who want Trump to “fail.”

“I think he’s doing a great job,” Damon said. “Unfortunately, people don’t really want to hear the truth that’s out there. There’s some things that he can do better, but he’s trying to get everything done. The two biggest things that we haven’t tackled are health care and immigration, and the reason why is because people aren’t voting for it.

“It’s like people have jobs that we appointed in offices. Vote. Do your job. Do what’s right for America. A lot of people would rather see President Trump fail than help him get the USA back on track.”

Damon called health care “a total mess,” and added, “Everybody agrees on it, but no one wants to do anything about it.”

Immigration is a particular lightning-rod issue right now. Damon stands with legal immigrants.

“As far as immigration, I say you let people in,” Damon said. “But the thing is, you have to have papers. I mean, I have papers. You have papers. If you’re going to be here, be here legally and come on over. America is the greatest place in the world, and we’re not going to turn our backs on anyone.

“But when you just want people to just walk into your country and not know where they’re going, that becomes an issue.”

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