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Jorge Posada thinks Alex Rodriguez and known steroid users should not be in Baseball Hall of Fame

Alex Rodriguez celebrates with Jorge Posada after hitting

Alex Rodriguez celebrates with Jorge Posada after hitting a home run against the Boston Red Sox. (Apr. 8, 2011) Credit: Getty Images

Former Yankees catcher Jorge Posada believes known steroid users, including Alex Rodriguez, do not belong in the Hall of Fame.

Posada, who is promoting his new book, "The Journey Home: My Life in Pinstripes," made his comments Wednesday to CBS News correspondent Mark Strassmann on the "CBS This Morning" show.

Speaking before Wednesday night's game against the Rays, A-Rod said he was aware of his former teammate's remarks, ones, somewhat oddly, said at Alex Rodriguez Field at the University of Miami, but had no reaction to them.

"I'm not focused on that," Rodriguez said. "Jorgie's always worn his heart on his sleeve and that's fine. He was a great teammate and a great player for a long time."

Rodriguez said he considers Posada who, like A-Rod, lives in Miami, a "friend."

"I have nothing but good things to say about Jorgie," Rodriguez said.

Strassmann asked Posada about players such as Roger Clemens, another former Yankees teammate, and A-Rod, who will eventually be up for the Hall of Fame. Posada was then asked whether players who were known to have used steroids should be in the Hall of Fame.

"No," Posada said. "I don't think it's fair for the guys that have been in the Hall of Fame that played the game clean."

When asked specifically about A-Rod, Posada reiterated his feelings.

"I don't think it's fair. I really don't," Posada said. "I think the guys that need to be in the Hall of Fame need to be a player that played with no controversy."

Posada said he has not told A-Rod his feelings, but said Rodriguez would be surprised to hear them.

A-Rod wouldn't bite when asked if he was surprised and added later he didn't feel a need to address the topic with Posada, whom he's likely to see at points this summer when the former catcher is at the Stadium for various ceremonies.

"All my energy these days is focused on this team," Rodriguez said. "What I remember with Jorgie is we had a great relationship while we were here and we won the championship in '09. I have nothing but good memories."

Posada also was asked if he resented players who didn't play clean and achieved records that he didn't get.

"The only thing that I can think is 2003," Posada said. "I was close to the MVP. Didn't happen. Alex won the MVP and I think second was either Carlos Delgado or David Ortiz. I don't remember. But you know, I was almost there. You know what could have happened if, you know it's tough. It's really tough."

Addressing that, Rodriguez said: "2003's a long time ago. All of my energy is focused on 2015."

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