BALTIMORE - Jose Reyes once was Derek Jeter's New York counterpart as shortstop of the Mets. Now he is Jeter's division rival with the Blue Jays.

But Reyes has always had respect for Jeter and plans to corner him at some point during Toronto's visit to Yankee Stadium, which begins Tuesday night.

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"There's going to be some stuff that I'm going to say to him, for sure," Reyes said Saturday. "Jeter, he's one of the guys in the big leagues I look up to, just the way that he plays the game. He plays with passion and plays hard every day and gives everything he has to put his team in a position to win. For sure, when I get close to him, I'm going to say something."

Reyes, though, is no Jose-come-lately to the Jeter retirement craze. He was smart enough last season to ask the Yankees' captain for a signed jersey. Jeter obliged.