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Yankees manager Joe Girardi has said that because of CC Sabathia's pitch count last Saturday, the lefthander was not going to pitch the ninth inning, even if he had kept his no-hitter going. Sabathia had thrown 111 pitches when he left the game with two outs in the eighth after allowing his first hit.

Since 2000, there have been three April no-hitters, all completed with fewer pitches than Sabathia threw. A look at the pitch count for all 14 recognized

one-pitcher no-hitters and perfect games since 2000:

134 Bud Smith, Cardinals Sept. 3, 2001 vs. Padres

130 Jon Lester, Red Sox May 19, 2008 vs. Royals

129 A.J. Burnett, Marlins May 12, 2001 vs. Padres

117 Randy Johnson*, D-backs May 18, 2004 vs. Braves

116 Mark Buehrle*, White Sox July 23, 2009 vs. Rays

115 Clay Buchholz, Red Sox Sept. 1, 2007 vs. Orioles

112 Justin Verlander, Tigers June 12, 2007 vs. Brewers

110 Hideo Nomo, Red Sox April 4, 2001 vs Orioles

110 Carlos Zambrano, Cubs Sept. 14, 2008 vs. Astros

110 Jonathan Sanchez, Giants July 10, 2009 vs. Padres

108 Kevin Millwood, Phillies April 27, 2003 vs. Giants

106 Mark Buehrle, White Sox April 18, 2007 vs. Rangers

103 Anibal Sanchez, Marlins Sept. 6, 2006 vs. Diamondbacks

97 Derek Lowe, Red Sox April 27, 2002 vs. Devil Rays

*denotes perfect game

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