Some of our more tabloidy competitors really had fun with the Lady Gaga story this weekend, and why not? It is a fun story. To recap:

-- Lady Gaga, who seems to be a singer or something, shows up at the Yankees-Mets game on Friday and finds her way into the Yankees clubhouse after the 4-0 loss to the Mets.

-- Lady Gaga meets the players -- including Joba Chamberlain, who Tweeted that she signed a ball for him -- and Robinson Cano. She is dressed somewhat provacatively.

-- The NY Post reports that Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner is furious that Lady Gaga was allowed in and some Yankee Stadium employees get yelled at. Lady Gaga is banned from the clubhouse.

-- The NY Daily News reports that Yankees general manager Brian Cashman says Lady Gaga is not banned from the clubhouse.

What's being lost in all this is this fact:

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The Yankees had lost three in a row before Lady Gaga visited the clubhouse. They are 2-0 since.

Draw your own conclusions.