Are Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly really going to get married -- and on Long Island no less?

Yes, if you believe the curious story in the New York Post this morning, which acting on a tip sent a reporter undercover to the Oheka Castle in Huntington where they reportedly spotted "JETER WEDDING" written on the establishment's calendar.

The alleged date? November 5 -- two days after the scheduled date for Game 7 of the 2010 World Series.

Won't Jeter be busy marching in a parade or something on that day?!

Kelly and Jeter have been fiercely private about their relationship, never even acknowledging it publicly after the two were first spotted together in 2008.

The Oheka Castle is no stranger to celebrity weddings. As the 2nd largest private house in the US, its last turn in the spotlight was when it hosted Nick Jonas' wedding to Danielle Deleasa back in December.

The same day Long Island recorded its biggest-ever snowfall.

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Maybe that's why Derek and Minka picked November?

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