Blue Jays win, 8-6

The Blue Jays exploded for a seven-run fifth inning, erasing the Yankees' 2-1 lead and knocking A.J. Burnett from the game. Mark Teixeira's two-run homer and Lance Berkman's RBI single pulled the Yankees within three, and Nick Swisher homered in the ninth, but that was all. Brandon Morrow picked up the win despite allowing five runs and seven hits over 5 1/3 innings. He did have nine strikeouts. Kevin Gregg pitched the ninth inning and picked up his 24th save. Burnett started off well but imploded in the fifth inning. He gave up eight runs, eight hits and two walks and struck out four in 4 2/3. The performance dropped his record 9-9 and upped his ERA to 4.93. Vernon Wells (2-for-5), Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion each had two RBIs. For the Yankees, Swisher was 2-for-5 with two homers and three RBIs. His two-run shot in the first inning had given the Yankees a 2-0 lead. Derek Jeter was 2-for-5 with two runs, Jorge Posada went 2-for-4 and Marcus Thames was 2-for-2 after pinch-hitting for Curtis Granderson in the sixth. Alex Rodriguez's homerless streak extended to 11 games and 48 plate appearances. He was 0-for-5 with two strikeouts and remains stuck at 599 homers.

With the loss, the Yankees fall to 66-39 and are now tied in first with the Rays, who had a 4-2 win over the Twins.

Bottom of the 9th
[Kevin Gregg in to close for the Blue Jays.]
After Jeter hit a sharp grounder to short, Swisher crushed a homer into the second deck in right on a cutter left up in the zone and centered. Teixeira struck out on a 90 mph fastball away and Rodriguez grounded to third to end the game. Blue Jays win, 8-6

Top of the 9th
[Joba Chamberlain is in to pitch. Kearns pinch-hitting for Gardner led to an unusual outfield setup. Kearns is in leftfield, Thames moved to right and Swisher shifted to center.]
Chamberlain, whose fastball velocity was between 94-97 mph, had a solid inning. Escobar struck out looking an a slider a little off the outside corner and, after Bautista walked, Wells struck out on an 87 mph slider away and Overbay grounded to second.

Bottom of the 8th
[Jason Frasor in to pitch.]
After Cano and Posada flew out to left, Berkman walked and Thames singled to left. The Blue Jays then went to the pen, bringing in lefty David Purcey, prompting Joe Girardi to pinch-hit Austin Kearns for Gardner. Purcey struck Kearns out looking on a slider that nipped the outside corner.

Top of the 8th
[Lefthander Boone Logan entered to pitch the eighth.]
Logan pitched a scoreless inning but needed 30 pitches. Snider struck out on a high 95 mph fastball, and, after Encarnacion walked (3-and-2 fastball way inside), Molina flew out to right-center and Lewis grounded to third. Lewis did give Logan a hard time, working a nine-pitch at-bat.

Bottom of the 7th
Downs pitched a quick inning. Swisher grounded to second, Teixeira struck out on a breaking ball down and in, and Rodriguez grounded to third.

Top of the 7th
[David Robertson entered to relieve Mitre. Thames, who pinch-hit for Granderson, stayed in to play leftfield and Garnder shifted over from left to centerfield.]
Robertston struck Bautista out looking on an 88 mph fastball on the inside corner. After Wells grounded to third, Overbay walked on 3-and-2, but Hill went down looking on a 91 mph fastball over the outside corner.

Bottom of the 6th
Berkman drove in his first run as a Yankee, singling to center to score Cano from second. Cano had walked to start the inning and, after Posada struck out, he moved to second on a wild pitch to Berkman. The hit came on a 95 mph fastball down the middle on 3-and-2. (With Morrow at 99 pitches, the Blue Jays went to the bullpen and brought in the lefty Scott Downs. In response, the Yankees pinch-hit Marcus Thames for Granderson.) On the first pitch, Thames hit a line drive that deflected off Downs' right foot and went into rightfield, allowing Berkman to move to third. With one out and runners at first and third, Gardner grounded back to the mound and Downs threw home; Berkman got into a run-down and was eventually tagged out in a 1-2-5 fielder's choice. Jeter grounded to second to end the inning. 8-5, Blue Jays

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Top of the 6th
Mitre had a quick, five-pitch inning. After Molina led off with a single up the middle, Lewis grounded into a 4-6-3 double play and Escobar grounded to short.

Bottom of the 5th
Teixeira pulled the Yankees closer, lining a two-run homer to left. After Gardner struck out on a 3-and-2 fastball on the outside corner, Jeter lined a single to left and Swisher hit a high fly ball to the warning track in right (a few feet in front of the wall) preceding Teixeira's home run. Rodriguez (0-for-3) struck out to end the inning. 8-4, Blue Jays

Top of the 5th
The wheels came off for Burnett in this inning. Encarnacion gave the Blue Jays a lead, clobbering a two-run homer to left (off the facing of the second deck) after Snider had led off with a double. It was a 93 mph fastball a bit low and on the inside corner. Bautista drove in two with a double to left-centerfield and Wells drove him in with a double down the leftfield line. After the Encarnacion homer, Molina walked on a 3-and-2 fastball outside and Lewis lined a double just inside the leftfield line (Lewis might've been held to a single but the ball kicked off the wall and rolled back towards the field, forcing Gardner to make a dive). With runners at second and third, Escobar grounded to third and Rodriguez threw Molina out at home, preceding Bautista and Wells' hits. After Overbay struck out, Wells moved to third on a wild pitch, and Hill doubled to drive in another run. Burnett, at 95 pitches (41 in the fifth inning) was pulled for Sergio Mitre. (Mitre had begun warming when Burnett was at 78 pitches.) Mitre promptly gave up an RBI double to Snider for the Blue Jays' seventh run of the inning. He ended the inning by getting Encarnacion to line out to left (Gardner made a good running catch). Ten batters came up in the inning. 8-2, Blue Jays

Bottom of the 4th
After Cano lined out to first, Posada lined a double to left-centerfield (bounced over the wall for a ground's rule double), but Berkman popped up to short and Granderson struck out on a low slider.

Top of the 4th
Burnett threw an eight-pitch inning with three groundouts. Wells to third, and Overbay and Hill to short. His velocity is down a bit. Most of his four-seamers have been in the 91-93 mph range.

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Bottom of the 3rd
Swisher grounded to first, Teixeira popped up behind second (caught by the shifted shortstop Escobar) and Rodriguez struck out on a high, 96 mph fastball on 3-and-2.

Top of the 3rd
Burnett had a relatively smooth third inning. Lewis was hit by a pitch, but after Escobar popped up to second, Lewis was caught stealing (good throw from Posada to Cano) and Bautista struck out on a 94 mph fastball inside.

Bottom of the 2nd
Morrow put two runners on but struck out the side. After Posada singled to right on a 3-and-1 fastball, Lance Berkman struck out on a 89 mph two-seamer (he argued that it was too high), Curtis Granderson walked, Brett Gardner struck out on a hanging curveball (he didn't like the call) and Jeter struck out on a breaking ball.

Top of the 2nd
Vernon Wells led off with an opposite-field homer, lined a few feet left of the rightfield foul pole. After Lyle Overbay walked on five pitches and Aaron Hill singled to left, Travis Snider struck out on a tailing fastball over the inside corner, Edwin Encarnacion popped up to second and Jose Molina grounded to third (Rodriguez threw to second for a force). 2-1, Yankees

Bottom of the 1st
Swisher put the Yankees on the board with a two-run homer. He crushed a high fastball to center and onto the netting over Monument Park. Derek Jeter had led off with a single to right. Mark Teixeira grounded to second, Alex Rodriguez grounded to short (now 44 plate appearances without a homer), and Robinson Cano struck out on a low curveball to end the inning. 2-0, Yankees

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Top of the 1st
A.J. Burnett had a quick first inning. Fred Lewis hit a looping liner to the right-centerfield gap, chased down by Nick Swisher, Yunel Escobar popped up behind the plate to Jorge Posada, and Jose Bautista struck out on a 92 mph fastball.