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Live Blog: Royals top Yankees 7-4, A-Rod goes homerless

 FINAL SCORE: Kansas City 7, Yankees 4

WP: Kyle Davies (5-6, 5.52)

LP: Sergio Mitre (1-1, 3.99)

S: Joakim Soria (27) 

Bottom 9th: It was shaping up to be a pressure-filled final at-bat for A-Rod, but Teixera was called out at first on a bang-bang play to end the game. Curtis grounded to first, Miranda struck out, Jeter doubled and Granderson walked. With runners on first and second and two home runs behind him, Teixeira came to the plate as the tying run. He hit a slow grounder over the pitcher's mound that was fielded by the shortstop behind the second base bag. Replays showed the play at first was likely a tie. A-Rod stood in the on-deck circle smirking, knowing he should have had an opportunity to drive in some runs.

SCORE: Yankees 4, Kansas City 7 

Top 9th: Moseley mowed down ten consecutive batters to finish a stellar relief appearance. He got a ground out from Getz, a fly out from Podsednik and finished the outing with a ground out from Kendall. Moseley gave up just one hit in 4 and 2/3 innings of work. 

SCORE: Yankees 4, Kansas City 7

Bottom 8th: Swisher was out of today's lineup with a soar achilles tendon, but he pinch hit for Thames this inning. Can grounded to first, Posada struck out swinging and Swisher flied out to left. Joakim Soria, the Royals closer, has given up two runs in 10 appearances against the Yankees in his career. It would take an unprecedented hitting performance off Soria for the Yankees to tie or take the lead in the 9th.

SCORE: Yankees 4, Kansas City 7

Top 8th: Moseley has been a very bright spot for the Yankees today. He put down the Royals 1-2-3 for the second consecutive inning. In 3 and 2/3 innings pitched, Moseley has given up just one hit.

SCORE: Yankees 4, Kansas City 7 

Bottom 7th: Robinson Tejada relieved Farnsworth. Jeter led off with a single, but no one could drive him in. Granderson flied out to foul territory, Teixeira struck out swinging and A-Rod, in what could be his last at bat, grounded to short to end the inning. Fans in the outfield and bleachers have been baking today and after A-Rod's ground out, there was a healthy exodus that left about half the seats filled.

SCORE: Yankees 4, Kansas City 7

Top 7th: It's another effective inning from Moseley. He induced ground outs from Butler and Gordon, and struck out Guillen, who spun around swinging over an off-speed pitch in the dirt. With the top of the order coming up, Moseley has given the offense a good chance to even the score. 

SCORE: Yankees 4, Kansas City 7

Bottom 6th: The Yankees saw a family face on the mound for the Royals this inning. Kyle Farnsworth relieved Davies after Davies induced a ground out from Cano and walked Posada. Farnsworth struck out Thames, walked Curtis and struck out Pena on high heat to end the inning.

SCORE: Yankees 4, Kansas City 7

Top 5th: Moseley pitched his second scoreless inning of relief. Betancourt popped up to the catcher, Getz flied to center, Podsednik singled to center and Kendall popped out to short. With the Yankees down three runs and plenty of at-bats left in the game, Moseley can keep possibilities of a comeback alive if he continues to pitch well.

SCORE: Yankees 4, Kansas City 7

Bottom 4th: Teixeira strikes again! With two outs and Granderson on first on a walk, Teixeira turned around quickly on a high fastball. It is his third multi-homer game of the year, most recently coming against the Mariners two weeks ago. A-Rod grounded sharply to second to end the inning and, again, send groans throughout the crowd.

SCORE: Yankees 4, Kansas 7

Top 4th: Mitre's afternoon ended after one out in the fourth, when he served up a blast by Guillen that landed in the second level in left field. Mitre got Butler to ground out, but he delivered the 1-0 pitch directly in Guillen's wheelhouse. Moseley relieved Mitre and stopped the bleeding. Gordon grounded out to second, Betemit walked and Ankiel flied out to center.

SCORE: Yankees 2, Kansas City 7

Bottom 3rd: The Yankees hit two home runs this inning and neither of them came off the bat of A-Rod. The bombs to right field were sent by Tex and Posada. Teixeira led off the inning with his 19th homer of the year, a soaring shot to deep right. A-Rod sent groans through the crowd when he grounded to third, but Betemit fumbled the ball, allowing A-Rod to stride in safely. Cano erased the error by grounding into a double play. Posada then homered to right. Thames walked and Curtis flied out to left to end the inning.

SCORE: Yankees 2, Kansas City 6

Top 3rd: Mitre unraveled in the third. He walked Gordon to begin the inning, then surrendered back to back doubles to Betemit and Ankiel, which scores Gordon and Betemit. After a fielder's choice ground out by Betancourt moved Ankiel to third and a line out to first by Getz, Podsednik punched a two-out single to left that drove home Ankiel. Kendall struck out swinging at an inside fastball to end the inning. Mitre may be out soon - Dustin Moseley is warming up.

SCORE: Yankees 0, Kansas City 6

Bottom 3rd: It's 110 degrees on the field, but the Yankees are cold at the plate. Pena and Jeter grounded out and Granderson struck out to end the inning.

SCORE: Yankees 0, Kansas City 3

Top 3rd: The Royals played aggressively again and it paid off. With two outs, Kendall singled and then stole second. Butler singled to shallow left driving in Kendall and he cruised into second, advancing on throw. Guillen grounded out to second to end the inning.

SCORE: Yankees 0, Kansas City 3

Bottom 2nd: Cano struck out, Posada fouled out to third, Thames singled and Curtis grounded to short.

SCORE: Yankees 0, Kansas City 2 

Top 2nd: Mitre worked a 1-2-3 inning. Betemit and Ankiel grounded to first and Betancourt grounded to third. 

SCORE: Yankees 0, Kansas City 2

Bottom 1st:The outfield fans did not get their wish in the first, as A-Rod did not go deep for his 600th career homer. Jeter grounded out, Granderson doubled, Teixeira struck out on a check swing and A-Rod flied out to center. 

SCORE: Yankees 0, Kansas City 2

Top 1st: Mitre is playing substitute teacher today in replace of the injured Pettitte, and the Royals are playing games with him. Podsednik led off the game with a single to right and Kendall was hit by a pitch. They successfully pulled a double steal and both would score. Podsednik scored when Posada dropped a throw to the plate from A-Rod and Kendall on a sac fly by Guillen. Gordon, recently called up, ended the inning by grounding into a double play. 

SCORE: Yankees 0, Kansas City 2

Injury Note: Swisher is out of today's lineup with a sore achilles tendon, but he said he will be healthy enough to play tomorrow. 

Yankees lineup:

  1. Derek Jeter dh  (.271, 9, 45)
  2. Curtis Granderson cf (.239, 7, 24)
  3. Mark Teixeira 1b (.260, 18, 66)
  4. Alex Rodriguez 3b (.278, 16, 78)
  5. Robinson Cano 2b (.334, 18, 66)
  6. Jorge Posada c (.273, 11, 37)
  7. Marcus Thames rf (.24, 3, 13)
  8. Colin Curtis lf (.290, 1, 7)
  9. Ramiro Pena ss (.193, 0, 10)

Pitching: Sergio Mitre (0-1 2.88) 

Royals lineup:

  1. Scott Podsednik lf (.301, 3, 38)
  2. Jason Kendall c (.276, 0, 33)
  3. Billy Butler 1b (.316, 9, 48)
  4. Jose Guillen rf (.276, 15, 57)
  5. Alex Gordon dh (.171, 1, 1)
  6. Wilson Betemit 3b (.385, 4, 11)
  7. Rick Ankiel cf (.206, 3, 9)
  8. Yuniesky Betancourt ss (.260, 7, 43)
  9. Chris Getz 2b (.233, 0, 12)

Pitching: Kyle Davies (4-6, 5.45)

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