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Live blogging Yankees' intrasquad game

Top of sixth
Rivera gave up a leadoff single to Gorecki (4-for-6) but got the next three hitters, striking out Winn looking. That's it for the live blog even through Chan Ho Park is out to pitch the bottom of the sixth. Have to go talk to the players.

Bottom of fifth
Joba pitching
A four-out inning. Joba threw 13 pitches to finish with 75 and is done. He went about 5 innings and allowed two runs on six hits with three DPs. Mariano Rivera in for the sixth.

Top of fifth
Pettitte pitching
14 pitches, two hits
Another two-out inning and Pettitte is done after 80 pitches. Gorecki, his final batter, grounded to short, but the minor-league shortstop hesitated and threw late to first. Gorecki was safe; we'll call that a fielders choice.
Pettitte: 3 runs, 11 hits, about 4 1/3 innings
Joba's back out for his final frame or part of frame

Bottom of fourth
Joba pitching
20 pitches, 2 runs, 2 hits, 1 walk, 1 K
A two-out inning. Gorecki had a double to right -- his third hit, one to each field -- and Juan Miranda cracked a two-run double to right. After a strikeout, Joba's inning was over.
Pettitte back out for the fifth. The Yankees are more concerned with having the pitchers pitch, sit down and pitch again to simulate game conditions than with how many pitches they throw in a particular inning.

Top of fourth
Pettitte pitching
After a pair of singles, Pettitte struck out Weber and then walked off the mound, his work in that inning over after one out and eight pitches. Joba came back out for the bottom half. Not sure if Pettitte is done for the day.

Bottom of third
Joba pitching
12 pitches, one hit, no runs
Winn singles with one out, but Mike Rivera grounds into a second inning-ending 5-4-3 DP. Joba, who fist-pumped after the first one, did not this time.

Top of third
Pettitte pitching
23 pitches, 2 hits, no runs
Hard-hit singles by Marcus Thames and Gorecki, but Pettitte works out of if by getting catching prospect Austin Romine to ground out to third.

Bottom of second
Joba pitching
18 pitches, 1 hit, no runs
After Hoffmann grounded to second to conclude a 10-pitch at-bat, Winn laced a double to center. Joba ended the inning by getting Jon Weber to ground to second.

Top of second
Pettitte pitching
17 pitches, 1 wind-blown hit, no runs
LI's Reid Gorecki got a gift double when the leftfielder -- some kid over from the minor-league side -- let his fly ball fall behind him. After an error at third base on a slow bouncer, Pettitte got Randy Winn to bounce to short.

Bottom of first
Joba Chamberlain pitching
No runs, one hit, 12 pitches
Jamie Hoffmann singled to center with one out, leading Joba to work on his pickoff move quite a bit. The inning ended when Mike Rivera grounded into a 5-4-3 dp.

Top first
Pettitte pitching.
18 pitches, 3 runs, 4 hits, 2 ks
Big blow was a two-run double by Greg Golson, who batted first and sixth in this make-it-up-as-they-go-along game.

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