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Lowell would have considered playing in New York

In the days leading up to the July 31st non-waiver trade deadline Mike Lowell said he was approached about a possible trade to the Yankees, a swap that would have brought him back to his first organization. The proposed trade--which would have sent Jarrod Saltalamacchia to Boston and prospects to the Texas Rangers--was reported by WEEI's Alex Speier.

"I don't have that New England hatred towards the Yankees," Lowell said before Friday's game at Yankee Stadium. "I want to beat them on the baseball field. My emotions were all over the place at that time thinking about it. It's easy to tune it out, but that was a little bit closer to home."

Lowell said the Yankees were one of, what he believed were, four teams on his no-trade list, though the Yankees were included on the list by the Red Sox.

"I was actually aware of it, because one of my few teams on my no-trade was New York and there was no point in pursuing it if I was gonna reject it," he said. "So there was a chance. Now I don’t really know how far it would have gotten but I don’t think I would have been made aware of it if there was no chance."

Lowell was drafted by the Yankees in 1995 and played in eight games for the team in 1998. He was traded to Florida before the 1999 season for Ed Yarnall, Todd Noel and Mark Johnson.


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