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Major draft, minor results

The Yankees are bring criticized for making high school shortstop Cito Culver their top pick in the draft. Whatever Culver does in the future, it will fly well under the radar of the overall No. 1 draft choices of yesteryear. The Mets and Yankees share baseball history as the only teams with No. 1 draft picks not to make the majors.

The biggest blunder occurred by the Mets withthe 1966 selection of catcher Steve Chilcott over Reggie Jackson. Chilcott was given $7,500 to sign and never made it to the bigs. Jackson, as memory serves, did just fine.

In 1991, the financial stakes were raised considerably when the Yankees gave pitcher Brien Taylor $1.55 million. He was a great talent but got into a fight, dislocated his shoulder, kicked around the minors for awhile and later became a bricklayer.

More recently, Matt Bush, who was given $3.15 million by the Padres in 2004, could very well become the third No. 1 to never make the majors. He was signed as a shortstop, then converted to pitcher. He's had Tommy John surgery and is still in Class A.

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