ARLINGTON, Texas - It was something a still-simmering Mark Teixeira said "can't happen," with all of his irritation directed at first-year third-base coach Joe Espada.

In the eighth inning of the Yankees' 6-2 victory over the Rangers Monday night, Teixeira was thrown out at home by centerfielder Leonys Martin on Chase Headley's single.

As Teixeira rounded third, Espada, who didn't expect Martin to make a throw home, yelled "easy, easy!" meaning Teixeira would be able to score standing up.

But Martin charged and came up throwing, delivering a strike to catcher Robinson Chirinos, who tagged out a late-sliding Teixeira.

Teixeira immediately turned to yell at Espada and continued to do so as he made his way into the dugout. He then began banging and throwing objects.

"I can get hurt not expecting a play at the plate," said Teixeira, who has had his share of injuries in recent seasons, though not in this one. "There's just a lot of reasons why that can't happen . . . I'm sure it won't ever happen again."

Espada apologized to Teixeira. "I wasn't expecting a throw. It was my fault," Espada said. "I just try to take care of those guys' legs [when I can], try to avoid a slide."

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Teixeira said it's over and done with, but . . .

"I love Joe Espada," he said. "He apologized and it's over with, but it's a big mistake."