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Mark Teixeira takes issue with Aaron Judge and the 'New York, New York' video

Former New York Yankee Mark Teixeira during a

Former New York Yankee Mark Teixeira during a press conference to introduce Aaron Boone as the new Yankees manager at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017. Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke

Aaron Judge still is hearing the noise about his boombox blast of "New York, New York" after the Yankees' lone victory over the Red Sox in the Division Series.

After Judge played the song on his boombox while leaving Fenway Park after the Yankees tied the ALDS by winning Game 2, the Red Sox mocked Judge by blasting the Frank Sinatra-turned-Yankees theme song after clinching the series on Tuesday night at Yankee Stadium. Now former Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira has criticized Judge for tweaking the Red Sox.

Teixeira said Judge made a “huge mistake’’ during a segment Wednesday on ESPN’s “Get  Up.’’

“You woke a sleeping giant,” Teixeira said.  “Aaron Judge has no rings. And I have a ton of respect for Aaron Judge, I think he will have rings. But when you boast — when you wake a sleeping giant in Boston — on your way out back to Yankee Stadium and then get your butts kicked two games in a row, I just think that you might want to let your bat do the talking. Because Aaron Judge’s bat will talk.”

Judge played the song as he walked past the Red Sox clubhouse at Fenway Park on the way to the team bus. It is unlikely that any of the Red Sox players heard it through the thick concrete walls, but it became a viral video clip and a topic of conversation the next day.

Neither the Red Sox players nor manager Alex Cora said much about it on the open microphones of the press conference room, but it obviously was smoldering. After the Red Sox won, they responded by throwing the song back at Judge and the Yankees. 

Cora was quoted after the game saying, “I don’t know if they took it personal, but it’s just, I don’t know, we played ‘Dirty Water’ at Yankee Stadium, and [if] they would have clinched in Fenway, they would have played ‘Dirty Water’ in their clubhouse.’’

Teixeira added, “You have players that have their play do the talking.’’

Teixeira's career ended after the 2016 season. Judge was an August call-up that year and played in 27 games. “Aaron Judge has done every single thing right his entire career,'' Teixeira said. "This — in the middle of a playoff series — why now? Why is now the time for you to do something like this?”

There has been no comment from Judge on the boombox incident or Teixeira’s remarks. 

This was Teixeira's second shot at a former teammate. In May, after the Mariners' Robinson Cano, who played nine years for the Yankees, was suspended 80 games for a violation of MLB’s Joint Drug Agreement, Teixeira said he was “not surprised.’’  

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