Good Morning
Good Morning

Mets vs. Yankees, June 19, 2010



W: P. Hughes (10-1, 3.17)

L: M. Pelfrey (9-2, 2.69)

S: M. Rivera (16)

Top 9th:

Enter Sandman, with a two-run lead. Mariano Rivera comes in to start the inning and replace Chamberlin.

Davis strikes out on high heat for OUT ONE. Hot rookie versus seasoned veteran? Advantage Mo.

Bay grounds to second for OUT TWO.

Carter grounds to first base for OUT THREE. 

GAME OVER. (John Sterling bellows his signature call.)

Pitching Wrap: Mo faced two hitters with little MLB experience: Ike Davis and Chris Carter. Piece of cake.

FINAL SCORE: Mets 3, Yankees 5



Bottom 8th:

Rod Barajas comes in to catch for Feliciano who pinch-hit for Blanco.

Ryota Igarashi (9.75 ERA) comes in to replace Mike Pelfrey.

Rodriguez walks.

Pagan loses a Cano fly in the sun and the ball caroms off the wall. Arod to third and Cano to second.

Posada sends a shallow fly to right. Arod does not test Francoeur's gun for OUT ONE.

Curtis Granderson is late on a mean 95 mph heater that tails high and away for OUT TWO.

Pena leaves 'em stranded, grounding out to Reyes for an easy OUT THREE.

Pitching Wrap: Igarashi played with fire, but a mound conference cooled him down. The 95 mph 2-seamer to Granderson was the Nth degree. Nasty pitch. 

SCORE: Mets 3, Yankees 5

Top 8th:

Joba Chamberlin (5.52 ERA) comes in to replace Phil Hughes.  Phil Hughes final line: 7 IP, 5 hits, 3 ER, 4 S0, 2 HR.

Jesus Feliciano pinch hits for Henry Blanco. Feliciano grounds to Teixeira for OUT ONE.

Reyes pulls one to first, where Teixeira slides, picks a nasty hop and races to the bag for OUT TWO.

Pagan sends his 13th double of the year to right field.

Wright strikes out on the fifth straight slider from Chamberlin. Wright is now 0-4 with 2 strikeouts.

Pitching Wrap: If it weren't for two limp off-speed pitches to Reyes, Hughes would have cruised through 7 innings. Joba came in and didn't give Wright a chance to see anything straight, smothering his slider into the dirt to put down the NL's leading RBI man.

SCORE: Mets 3, Yankees 5


Bottom 7th:

Gardner bunts, but Pelfrey fires to first for OUT ONE. 

Swisher flies out to center for OUT TWO.

Texeira grounds out to first for OUT THREE.

SCORE: Mets 3, Yankees 5


Top 7th:

Carter pops out to short for OUT ONE.

Francoeur grounds out to third for OUT TWO.

Cora flies out to center for OUT THREE. 

SCORE: Mets 3, Yankees 5.



Top 6th:

Pagan singles on ground ball to center.

Wright pops up to Cano for OUT ONE.

Davis walks.

Bay ground into a 5-4-3 double play for OUTS TWO AND THREE.

SCORE: Mets 3, Yankees 5


Bottom 5th:

Swisher grounds out sharply to Cora for OUT ONE.

Teixeira flies out to center for OUT TWO.

Rodriguez flies out to left for OUT THREE.

SCORE: Mets 3, Yankees 5


Top 5th:

Francoeur strikes out swinging on a high and inside heater for OUT ONE.

Cora singles on a soft fly to center. 

Blanco flies to left for OUT TWO.

Faceoff: Hughes versus Reyes. Hughes pulls the string on him and Reyes is way out in front on a change up, striking out and stranding Blanco.

Pitching Wrap: Despite the changeup to Reyes, Hughes is throwing lighting. The Mets are struck.

SCORE: Mets 3, Yankees 5

Bottom 4th:

Posada walks on five pitches.

Granderson fouls off three straight and then obliterates a hanging changeup for a 2-run homer to put the Yankees up 5-3.

Pena flies out to left for OUT ONE.

Russo grounds out to first for OUT TWO.

Gardner grounds out to short for OUT THREE.

Pitching wrap: The changeup has betrayed Pelfrey. The second homer he's given up on the change. It's time he goes back to old reliable: The 2-Seamer.

SCORE: Mets 3, Yankees 5



Top 4th:

Davis grounds to second for OUT ONE.

Bay flies to center for OUT TWO.

Carter pops to second for OUT THREE.

Pitching wrap: Hughes is back on track with this 10-pitch inning. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

SCORE Mets 3, Yankees 3

Bottom 3rd:

Gardner squeaks one up the middle for a single.

Ike Davis makes a stupendous diving stop on a screaming shot from Swisher and stops on the bag for OUT ONE. Gardner moves to second on the fielder's choice.

It's bombs away today. Teixeira ties it up with a monster blast into the home bullpen in right-center. Despite his poor average, he's producing with power: He now has 11 homers and 40 RBIs. Pelfrey hung a changeup--a bad move 

Pelfrey battles back from 3-0 to strike out Arod on an outside fastball for OUT TWO.

Cano grounds softly to Reyes who fires to first for OUT THREE.

Ptiching Wrap: Pelfrey sped up Teixeira's swing with four fastballs, before hanging the changeup Teixeira sent into the stratosphere.  His command of the changeup has been shaky, so he should stick with the fastball, which few Yankees have handled well today.

SCORE: Mets 3, Yankees 3



Top 3rd:

Alex Cora lines sharply to second for OUT ONE. 

Henry Blanco walks.

Reyes launches a 2-run homer to right-center for his second bomb of the game.  Reyes feasts again on an outside fastball. This is his sixth multi-homer game of his career, his last multi-homer game coming 5/26/08 versus Florida.  Reyes is the eight for mets to do so this year.

Angel Pagan walks. 

Angel Pagan is caught stealing for OUT TWO.

Wright goes down swinging for the second time for OUT THREE.

SCORE: Mets 3, Yankees 1


Bottom 2nd

Robinson Cano goes oppo with a single to left.

Jorge Posada tops over a sharp changeup for OUT ONE. tracked the pitch as breaking 9 inches. 

Curtis Granderson grounds to first base, where Ike Davis makes a quick throw to Reyes for force OUT TWO.

Ramiro Pena lines to left. Runners on first and second.

Kevin Russo flies out to right, leaving two runners stranded.

SCORE: Mets 1, Yankees 1


Top 2nd:

Jason Bay singles to left through the hole.

Chris Carter grounds into 6-6-3 double play for OUTS ONE AND TWO.

Jeff Francoeur flies to left for OUT THREE.

SCORE: Mets 1, Yankees 1


Bottom 1st:

Brett Gardner singles on a soft liner to left.

Nick Swisher laces one over Francoeur's head in right. Gardner moves to third.

With runners on the corners, Mark Teixeira grounds into a 4-6-3 double play for OUTS ONE AND TWO, but Gardner comes into to tie the game at 1-1.  Teixeira has grounded into 10 double plays this season. His career high is 18. 

Alex Rodriguez grounds to short for OUT THREE.

Pitching wrap: Mike Pelfrey looks hesitant to use his changeup, throwing it for a ball and then getting Arod to ground out . The again, why would he go with anything other than his 94 mph sinker today? 

SCORE: Mets 1, Yankees 1



Top 1st:

Jose Reyes smashes a home run over the right field fence off the second pitch from Phil Hughes. The blast is his second leadoff homer of the year, his other coming against Baltimore on June 12.

Angel Pagan flies out to left for OUT ONE.

David Wright down swinging at high 93 mph cheddar for OUT TWO.

Ike Davis flies out to center for OUT THREE.

SCORE: Mets 1, Yankees 0


Jeter out with bruised heel: Jeter bruised his right heel running out a grounder last night. Gardner will be leading off and Pena is in at short today. Russo will play third, while Arod remains at is at DH, still nursing a hip injury.

Mets lineup

1. Jose Reyes SS (.272, 3, 25)

2. Angel Pagan CF (.292, 4, 31)

3. David Wright 3B (.288, 12, 53)

4. Ike Davis 1B (.265, 8, 26)

5. Jason Bay LF (.280, 4, 27)

6. Chris Carter DH (.250, 2, 11)

7. Jeff Francoeur RF (.274, 7, 37)

8. Alex Cora 2B (.235, 0, 14)

9. Henry Blanco C (.283, 2, 7)

SP Mike Pelfrey (9-1, 2.39)

Yankees lineup

1. Brett Gardner LF (.308, 3, 22)

2. Nick Swisher RF (.294, 11, 42)

3. Mark Teixeira 1B (.224, 10, 38)

4. Alex Rodriguez DH (.285, 8, 44)

5. Robinson Cano 2B (.367, 14, 49)

6. Jorge Posada C (.291, 9, 24)

7. Curtis Granderson CF (.238, 5, 18)

8. Ramiro Pena SS (.186, 0, 8)

9. Kevin Russo 3B (.209, 0, 4)

SP Phil Hughes (9-1, 3.11)


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