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Michael Young trying to recruit Cliff Lee to pick Rangers over Yankees

Cliff Lee has only spent three months with the Rangers, but his teammate Michael Young -- a 10-year Ranger -- believes that's a long enough stint to convince Lee that there's reason to re-sign with this team this off-season.

"Cliff knows this is a great place to play," Young said. "And he’s said that in all of our conversations. It’s pretty obvious right now we’ve got a good thign going. Great fanbase, huge city. It’s everything that a winning player would want to be a part of."

What does Young say to all those people who say Lee is destined to sign with the Yankees? Basically, nothing.

"People say that for good reason," Young said. "With the Yankees, usually if they want a free agent, they push them all in for them. That’s going to be Cliff’s call."

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