As you might imagine, Joe Girardi found himself answering more questions from the media this morning regarding his disclosure after yesterday's game that CC Sabathia was coming out whether Kelly Shoppach got a hit or not.

"I really believe CC understands the big picture," Girardi said. "Send him out there for the ninth and he throws 20-25 pitches and then he's not the same pitcher the whole year. You're going to question yourself and it would really hurt us." 

Girardi said he understands the strong reaction to his decision, which he maintained was an "easy" one to make.

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"People want to see no-hitters and they want to see great accomplishments, and I understand that," Girardi said. "And I want to see great accomplishments from my players but not at the risk of their health." 

Really, I can understand why people are fascinated with this whole topic but in the end Girardi and pitching coach Dave Eiland's rationale is pretty unassailable.