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Moseley Still Fighting For a Spot

Despite the losing effort in the Yankees' 8-2 game to Toronto, Dustin Moseley said he was hoping to distinguish himself as more than a stop-gap for the injured Andy Pettitte.

"Hopefully it opens their eyes to what I'm capable of doing," Moseley said after the game. He gave up five runs on nine hits in 7 1/3 innings, but kept the Yankees firmly in the game. It was the long-ball that stung him: a two-run shot by Travis Snider in a three-run fourth to give the Blue Jays the lead.

"I thought it was a fly ball and it just kept going," he said. "It took some of the breath out of us, I think. I did my best to try and keep us in there."

He added: "It's a first pitch changeup. He hasn't seen my change before. He put some good wood on the ball and it went out."

More than anything, it was the Yankees offense that failed them - they managed two hits off starter Ricky Romero.

"It doesn't really say much," Nick Swisher said of the offensive effort. "[Romero] really had our number. Luck wasn't on our side tonight."

On Moseley, he added: "He really gave us a chance. We didn't carry our weight."

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