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Good Morning

MVP Cano? Don't think so

Robinson Cano is the MVP of the Yankees, but perhaps not the overall choice in the  American League. Cano is hitting .325 with 25 homers and 86 runs batted in. Josh Hamilton of the Rangers is at .357, 28 and 88.  Excellent numbers for both players on playoff-bound teams. 

But, we six weeks left, the choice here would be Miguel Cabrera of the Tigers, who has 31 homers, 102 RBIs and is hitting .341. How much will Cabrera be hurt by the Tigers falling out of the race? There is some history on Cabrera's side and it involves Alex Rodriguez. He won the 2003 MVP with the non-contending Rangers after hitting 47 homers and knocking in 118 runs.

There is no doubt that Cabrera has emerged as the most feared hitter in the American League since Manny Ramirez played for  the Red Sox. 

The MVP is really the most outstanding player. Good as Cano and Hamilton may be, Cabrera has been that much greater. 

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