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Nasty Boys of 1990 vs. Yankees bullpen

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Rob Dibble reacts after getting

Cincinnati Reds pitcher Rob Dibble reacts after getting the final out in the Reds 5-3 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates in NLCS. (Oct. 9, 1990) Credit: AP

Yankee pitching coach Larry Rothschild looks at the Yankees' bullpen and sees Nasty Boys potential in it, according to Erik Boland’s story in today’s paper. For those that don’t know about the Nasty Boys, they were the core of 1990 world champion Cincinnati Reds. They were comprised of Rob Dibble, Norm Charlton and closer Randy Myers.

If anyone knows about the Nasty Boys, it’s Rothschild. He was the bullpen coach under Lou Piniella in 1990. Here’s a breakdown between the big three on each team. The numbers listed for the Yankees are based on their performance in 2010. 

Norm Charlton vs. Joba Chamberlain

Joba Chamberlain’s 2010 numbers were not great, and compared to Charlton’s numbers, there's no doubt who was better. Ironically, Charlton started 16 games for the Reds in 1990, so his numbers are a little skewed. 2010 was the only season since 2007 where Chamberlain did not start a game for the Yankees. 

AGE         27         24
INNINGS PITCHED       154.1        71.2
W / L RECORD       12-9        3-4
ERA       2.74        4.40
WHIP       1.302       1.298
K / BB RATIO      117 / 70       77 / 22
SAVES         2          3

Advantage: Reds

Rob Dibble vs. Rafael Soriano

Rob Dibble and Rafeal Soriano have comparable numbers. Soriano compiled his 2010 stats as closer for the Tampa Bay Rays. In 2011, he’ll be setting up Mariano Rivera. Dibble was the closer when Randy Myers was resting, a role Soriano will have to get comfortable with very quickly.

AGE         26       30  
INNINGS PITCHED         98      62.1
W / L RECORD         8-3        3-2
ERA       1.74      1.73
WHIP     0.980     0.802
K / BB RATIO    136 / 34     57 / 14
SAVES         11        45

Advantage: Even

Randy Myers vs. Mariano Rivera

Despite being 13 years older than Myers, Rivera still had a better season in 2010 and fans can expect more of the same from the ageless Mo.

  R. Myers M. Rivera
AGE      27      40
INNINGS PITCHED     86.2      60
W / L RECORD      4-6      3-3
ERA     2.08    1.80
WHIP    1.119     0.833
K / BB RATIO   98 / 38    45 / 11
SAVES      31        33

Advantage: Yankees

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