Nick Swisher said he lost the ball in the lights on Delmon Young's double to rightfield that put the Tigers ahead to stay in the 12th inning early Sunday morning in ALCS Game 1.

"I thought I got a great jump on it, man, and it just caught up right in them lights, man," Swisher said. "I just went completely blind. It kind of handcuffed me. I didn't even see it for the last five, 10 feet. I felt like I got a great jump. But it was right in those lights.

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"It's a helpless feeling, man, because you want to make the play, and I've made that play a bunch of times before. Just wasn't able to make it tonight.''

In the Tigers' two-run sixth, Young dropped an RBI single in front of Swisher on which it appeared he had a chance to catch the ball if he dived for it.

"That's a tough call,'' he said. "It's kind of an in-the-moment- type thing. If I dive and miss that ball, maybe runners go to second and third. But I guess now, looking back, maybe it would have been a good idea.''