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No Cooperstown clemency for Clemens

Roger Clemens will be the best baseball player never to make the Hall of Fame. Clemens was 354-184 with 4,672 strikeouts in his career.

His baseball stats will not help today as Clemens gets booked on charges that he lied to Congress about the use of steroids and human growth hormones.   

Clemens appears to be in a trap that he cannot escape. He can't risk serious jail time by not taking some type of deal that requires him to make a public elocution about his  use of PEDs.

Surely, Clemens' lawyers will make him see that there is only one way to go: fess up. Clemens may be far removed from the game, but he is a big fish to land from the steriod era and he will not get out of this easily if he does not come clean.  

If Clemens continues on the course of denial and is found guilty he is still out of Cooperstown.  

The irony here is that Andy Pettitte, who looked up to Clemens for the way he trained and dedicated himself to the sport, will likely get more Hall of Fame votes than Clemens.  Pettitte is not a Hall of Fame pitcher but he admitted his mistake and has expressed remorse. He may not have had Clemens' fastball, but he displayed  class and decency. 

Clemens' baseball career will not be validated by those of us who vote for the Hall. 







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