Notable players who also debuted with Derek Jeter in 1995 (with team, debut date, Jeter connection and postscript):


Jeter connection: Fellow New York infielder, opponent in 2000 World Series

Postscript: Last played in majors in 2006, played for various minor league teams (including the Long Island Ducks) and now is a Mets minor league coach

RICH AURILIA, Giants, Sept. 6

Jeter connection: Fellow shortstop with New York ties (Brooklyn native, played for St. John's)

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Postscript: Retired in 2009, now works for Comcast Sports Bay Area and was inducted into the St. John's Hall of Fame March 1

MIKE CAMERON, White Sox, Aug. 27

Jeter connection: Fellow New York player (Mets outfielder), once had 8 RBIs for the Mariners in a game at Yankee Stadium

Postscript: Retired in 2012. His son, Dazmon, is a standout high school player in Georgia and could be the overall first pick in baseball's 2015 draft.

TONY CLARK, Tigers, Sept. 3

Jeter connection: Teammate in 2004

Postscript: Five years after retirement in 2009, recently named as head of the Major League Baseball Players Association

CRAIG COUNSELL, Rockies, Sept. 17

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Jeter connection: Was hit by pitch, setting up Luis Gonzalez' winning hit in Game 7 of the 2001 World Series

Postscript: Retired in 2011, now special assistant to Brewers general manager Doug Melvin

JOHNNY DAMON, Royals, Aug. 12

Jeter connection: Teammate from 2006 through 2009

Postscript: Released by the Indians in 2012, although has since wanted to return as a player

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JASON GIAMBI, Athletics, May 8

Jeter connection: Teammate from 2002 through 2008 (and brother of Jeremy, the A's player retired at home in Jeter's famous 2001 "Flip Play")

Postscript: In Indians camp this year as designated hitter

LATROY HAWKINS, Twins, April 29

Jeter connection: Teammate in 2008

Postscript: After a solid 2013 with the Mets, signed with the Rockies for 2014


Jeter connection: Fellow New York player, member of Generation K, the Mets' version of the Core Four

Postscript: In Cardinals camp as a guest coach this season, having retired after the 2012 season

JIM MECIR, Mariners, Sept. 4

Jeter connection: New York ties (Smithtown East graduate), teammate in 1996-97

Postscript: Retired in 2005, inducted into Suffolk County Sports Hall of Fame, 2011

C.J. NITKOWSKI, Reds, June 3

Jeter connection: New York ties (St. John's pitcher), teammate in 2004

Postscript: Last pitched in majors in 2005. Now an analyst for, has worked on Yankees radio broadcasts

ANDY PETTITTE, Yankees, April 29

Jeter connection: Fellow member of the Core Four, accompanied Jeter to the mound at the end of Mariano Rivera's last appearance

Postscript: Retired last year, in Yankees 2014 camp as an instructor

JORGE POSADA, Yankees, Sept. 4

Jeter connection: Fellow member of the Core Four, Jeter's longtime closest friend on the Yankees

Postscript: Retired after 2011 season, in Yankees camp as an instructor, heads Jorge Posada Foundation


Jeter connection: Fellow New York player, member of Generation K, the Mets' version of the Core Four

Postscript: Now a Long Islander, followed major league career (a few final games in 2005) by pitching for the Ducks and others. Coach of the 2013 Moriches Bay Little League District 36 title team.

MARIANO RIVERA, Yankees, May 23

Jeter connection: Fellow member of the Core Four, had Jeter and Pettitte come out to the mound to escort him into retirement

Postscript: Retired in 2013 after the type of season-long farewell that Jeter is likely to experience

BILLY WAGNER, Astros, Sept. 13

Jeter connection: Fellow New York All-Star as a Met in the middle of the last decade

Postscript: Four years into retirement, coaches the baseball team at the Miller School in Charlottesville, Va.