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Oswalt vs. Lilly no contest

Do you wants Ted Lilly or Roy Oswalt in the Yankee rotation?

Anyone would select Oswalt over the fading velocity of Lilly, who will not be a big game pitcher in the Bronx any more than his was the first time around.  

Roy Oswalt was injured in Sunday's loss to to the Pirates, but the Astros' pitcher should be fine for his next start on Saturday. It  could be his final showcase before the trading deadline.  He took a batted ball off his left ankle, had some swelling and had to leave in a 9-0 loss.

Oswalt (6-11) has a 3.12 earned run average on a team that is 18 games under .500. Any team that could afford his 2011 salary of $16 million would love to have him.  Especially since the Astros have said they are willing to pay part of his salary. The payout for the new club will still be hefty. That screams Yanks, not Mets. Lilly (3-8, 4.07) needs more than a change of scenery.

Why wouldn't/shouldn't the Yankees be interested? Andy Pettitte is injured, A.J. Burnett is unreliable and Phil Hughes has had some rough outings.

The Yankees wanted a starting pitcher (Cliff Lee) before the latest developments. The need has now reached the the critical stage. 


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