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Phillies locker room postgame: Charlie Manuel

Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel looks out to

Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel looks out to the field at the start of Game 6 of the 2009 World Series against the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium. Credit: MCT/Yong Kim

Here's part one of two of postgame quotes from the Phillies locker room after their 6-3 win over the Yankees tonight. A hoard of reporters filled visiting manager Charlie Manuel's office postgame. Here is what Manuel had to say:

Q: On a night where Burnett was off, to (actually) take advantage of his performance:

Manuel: "We scored some runs. Like I always say, if you score some runs you are going to win games. Moyer definitely did a heck of a job pitching. We put our game together, we scored some runs early, and he did a good job pitching.

Q: How big were the two home runs from Werth and Howard:

That was big, we responded. That was good to see those guys hit home runs."

Q: The stolen base from Ibanez (in the second inning), was that kind of a spark there?:

"Yeah, definitely. We tried to create something, we weren’t doing to much. We try to create things.

Q: He (Ibanez) wasn’t going on his own was he?:

"No, we timed him (Burnett) down."

Q: Did you think you would be able to steal off of Burnett?:

"I think that what we do, we go off of his (Burnett’s) time."

Q: On Moyer pitching like this (just three hits and two earned on 107 pitches in eight innings of work) at 47:

"I don't know about other people I know I'm amazed at what he can do. But also that shows his love and his passion, his desire for the game. His routine, his work routine is absolutely amazing and he's always ready to pitch. And I think I've told you guys before, I don't mind giving Jamie Moyer the ball because I know he's going to give you everything he's got when he goes out there.

Q: No hesitation about sending him (Moyer) back out there for the eighth inning?:

"No, he's done. He's cooked by the fourth inning (Laughs from the media). He's done."

Q: Is Moyer a guy you don't worry about rebounding after the night like he had in Boston last week:

"I don't worry about him rebounding, because, he had a bad game over there. Tonight he came right back and pitched good. Real good. He's been around, Moyer knows what he's doing."

Q: Thoughts on Lidge’s performance:

"He got a big out when he had to. He did what he had to do.

Manuel on his own:

"You guys might want to go talk to Jamie (Moyer). He was the one who did the job. You don’t got to talk to me."

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