Had rosters not expanded on Wednesday, affording the Yankees the luxury of carrying three catchers, perhaps Jorge Posada would have bit his lip and returned to the dugout.   

After pinch hitting for Francisco Cervelli in the eighth inning Wednesday night, Posada was ejected for arguing a questionable third strike call by plate umpire Dana DeMuth.  It is uncertain just how conscientious Posada may have been in regards to how “expendable” he was with Chad Moeller being added to the roster just hours earlier.  

“He saw him that day,” Joe Girardi said with a laugh.  “So I’m assuming he knew.  My guess is it probably wouldn’t have happened.  I can’t tell you for sure. Jorgie is a smart player, he understands. “

Would Posada have risked the Yankees being without a catcher and acted differently had Moeller not been available?

“I don’t know,” Posada said. “It really doesn’t matter.”

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Girardi said he talked to Posada about the incident and stressed the importance of players staying in the game but doesn’t want him to change his ways.

“Jorgie is an emotional guy and that’s one of the things we love so much about Jorgie,” he said.  “He brings that intensity every day.  Sometimes with all that great intensity that he brings to the field every day, sometimes things happen.  But I don’t want to change what he’s doing most of the time because his personality is important to this club.”