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Quotes from Girardi presser, Yankees biggest soccer fan: Rivera?

Yankees GM Brian Cashman, at left with manager

Yankees GM Brian Cashman, at left with manager Joe Girardi. (May 22, 2010) Credit: Christopher Pasatieri

Before we get into tonight's live blog in a little more than an hour, here are the quotes not including Girardi's thoughts on A-Rod at DH from this afternoon's presser... And oh yeah, just one little nugget from the clubhouse today. If you are wondering who is the biggest soccer fan on the team, it could be Mariano Rivera. In a relatively dead clubhouse before the team took batting practice, Mo's eyes were glued on the South Africa vs. Uruguay World Cup match. Rivera seemed pretty impartial as he laid back on the couches in the middle of the clubhouse. By the way, Uruguay won 3-0.

Girardi on how much time backup catcher Fransisco Cervelli will be getting once Posada comes back full time at catcher:

That’s something we must evaluate everyday. My job is to keep Jorge healthy the whole year. To run anyone into the ground whether its Jorge, Derek or Alex is something we don’t want to do. So we we will judge him on an everyday basis, but he is going to play."

On the fact that players who weren’t Yankees everyday regulars have played well thus far this season filling in for veterans:

"Yeah, I would say guys have definitely stepped up. (Cervelli) has 27 RBI’s, maybe 29. I’m not sure I lost track at what he has done offensively. Big hits. When he’s played hes had good at bats, I know the average might not indicate that, but some of his starts he’s put us ahead in games that we have ended up winning. Russo has done a good job. Our guys have come up and filled in very nicely, and a lot of times that’s how you get your shot in this game."

On the differences last year and this year with balls carrying out of the park for homeruns:

"It’s hard to exactly to remember how it was. The one thing I remember is that it carries really well in the beginning of the season. And I didn’t see that the first six weeks this year. Why, I don’t know. I don’t know if the weather was different. I don’t know if the building being knocked down was different. I don’t know if it’s because we have less home games. More sinkerballers. But it seems to carry different last year the first six weeks."

On possibility of players wearing out in mid-June:

Playing guys too much, even though you would love to pencil those names in there everyday, becomes counterproductive.

On someone of his age – tonight’s starter for the Phillies Jamie Moyer – still pitching in the Major’s:

It’s amazing what he has done… Anytime a man pitches at his age, it’s a surprise. But if someone was going to do it, with his work ethic, that doesn’t surprise me.

On tonight’s matchup, which is perhaps just as intriguing as last night’s:

"It’s power versus finesse. You are going to see Jamie Moyer trying to live on the corners… You are going to see a little more power from A.J.. He’s not going to necessarily live on the edges like A.J… It is two different types of pitchers.

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