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85° Good Afternoon

Ready to go

The clubhouse, by game's end, was virtually barren with most lockers completely cleared out and the boxes that had been accumulating all week removed for their trip north.

There wasn't much in the way of postgame reaction from the Yankees' 9-6 victory in the Future Stars game because the star players had long been out of the game and the few straggling regulars were mostly left alone.

What, after seven weeks or so, was left to say anyway?

"We're ready to go," Joe Girardi said.

Derek Jeter, speaking yesterday, said that's been the prevailing thought for a while.

"It gets kind of long maybe the last week or two because you start getting anxious to get the season underway," Jeter said. "I got a feeling most guys were probably ready about a week ago."

*** Javier Vazquez got his work in, allowing three runs - two earned - in 4 1/3 innings. He walked one and struck out two.

"Ready for the season to start," he said afterward.

*** Bullpen coach Mike Harkey forgot his dress shirt and had to run off to the store before the Yankees, who have a dress code, boarded the team plane to Boston.

“The problem is he can’t just go to a regular store,” Girardi said of the, um, large-sized Harkey. “He’s got to find a big and tall section.”

*** The Yankees made one move today, signing catcher Chad Moeller, released by the Orioles, and releasing Mike Rivera, who struggled all spring, hitting .167 with a .250 OBP.

*** Nick Johnson, before boarding the team bus, said confirmed what Girardi said before the game: he should be fine to play tomorrow.

"Yeah, feels good," he said. "Did a lot of treatment today. That's pretty much it." 

Same goes for spring training. Time to head to the airport for a flight to Boston. More from there tomorrow. Also, we'll have a Live Chat Monday morning here at 11. Enjoy the Final Four.


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