Ron Darling, a TBS and SNY analyst, said Thursday of Robinson Cano's reported $310 million contract request, "The number is outrageous, and it makes no sense."

Speaking on a conference call to promote Turner's playoff coverage, Darling attributed the attention-grabbing number to Cano's new representation -- Roc Nation Sports, headed by Jay Z -- seeking to make a splash. But he said if he owned the Yankees the fact the figure was made public would have angered him.

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"I realize what they're doing," Darling said, "but I don't think anyone is taking it seriously."

Said Darling's TBS partner, Cal Ripken Jr., "I shake my head a lot of times because I think it's hard to figure out the negotiating game. But that's kind of the reality of where we are. Robinson Cano is that caliber of player. I can't say it offends me or bothers me. It just seems like that's where we are."