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Ruth ejected after hitting his 600th HR

Aside from the long wait that preceded it, there was not much unusual or eventful about the afternoon on which Alex Rodriguez hit his 600th career home run.

The same cannot be said of the fellow Yankee A-Rod displaced to become the youngest man to reach the milestone.

Babe Ruth hit his 600th in St. Louis on Aug. 21, 1931 - a game from which he was ejected.

In the seventh inning Ruth (playing leftfield that day) argued with umpire Roy Van Graflan that a ball hit by the Browns' Red Kress should have been a double because it bounced off the grandstand.

There were no replay reviews available, so the call of a home run stood and Van Graflan ejected Ruth. Despite the setback, the Yankees won, 11-7.

(One year later, Van Graflan was the plate ump for Ruth's famed "called shot'' against the Cubs in the World Series.)

That wasn't the only thing Ruth's and Rodriguez's big days did not have in common. The New York Times account of the former said the audience totaled about 7,500 - 6,000 of which were "ladies day guests.'' The Yankees' paid attendance Wednesday was 47,659.

Also, A-Rod hit his 600th homer 46 at-bats after his 599th. Ruth's 600th came in his first at-bat after No. 599.

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